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Face brushes for everyone.

Face brushes, because you need different brushes to create a beautiful makeup look. There are face brushes specifically for your foundation or highlighter, but there are also brushes suitable for other uses, in any shape, size or density you can imagine. The brush you use for your face makeup is very important for the end result.

Foundation face brush.

With a foundation brush, it is very important that it applies the makeup beautifully evenly and does not form stripes. Make-up Studio Amsterdam offers foundation brushes with short and long hair.

Blush brush.

The name says it all, with a blush brush you apply a blush on the cheeks. With a flat blush brush you can apply both large areas (flat side) and thinner lines (side). We also have round blusher brushes, which gives you a nice finish of your product and prevents hard lines in the face.

Highlighter face brush.

You can apply a highlighter with different brushes. It depends on the texture of the highlighter which brush is most suitable for that specific type of highlighter. The best way to apply a powder highlighter, like the Lumière Highlighter Powder Mystic Desert, is with a fan-shaped brush. To apply a cream highlighter, a shaper brush or a foundation brush with nylon bristles for the best result.

Makeup powder brush.

A powder brush is used to apply loose or compact powder. The powder brush provides silky and light coverage.

Cheek and shaping.

Cheek brushes, to get the best result use the shaping and to apply a beautiful blush or highlighter. Apply your blusher or compact powder with an angled brush for a natural result. Do you want to apply the shaping product a little more precisely? Then use the Definer Brush it’s ideal for applying concealer or for shaping with cream makeup. The thin shape of the definer brush also allows you to work very precisely. Make-up Studio Amsterdam has various brushes to accentuate your face shape.