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The most beautiful glance with eyeshadow for Make-Up Studio Amsterdam.

Eyeshadow is indispensable when creating a spectacular eye look. With eyeshadow it is important to choose a colour that matches your skin tone and eye colour. For brown eyes, warm colours and golden hues are stunning. Green eyes will shine with natural tones, and you want blue eyes to scream… choose cool shades of blue or grey. If you’re looking to combine different colours, don’t be stuck with shades you’ll never use, create your own palette and pick exactly what you want! Our eyeshadow makeup has every colour in the rainbow and every finish imaginable.

Different types of eyeshadow: Matte, Pearl or Shiny.

At Make-up Studio we offer a wide selection of different eye shadows. Our eye shadow is available in more than 70 colours, from matte to pearl or shine. This eye shadow can be applied both dry and wet. If the eye shadow is applied wet, the colour is more intense, and the lines are sharper. This allows you to apply this eye shadow as an eyeliner with a thin brush. The Lumière eyeshadow is shinier than the eyeshadow in box and can be used well for a 3D effect. If you want your eyeshadow to stay on for a long time and ensure the colour comes out the best, use the Eye Primer in advance. If you're after waterproof, our Eyeshadow Mousses are a must have! These are a best seller for a reason, the formula is unbeleivably super blendable and super vibrant!

Create special effects with eyeshadow.

Eye shadow is the product of choice for creating special effects. You can play with eye shadow in intensity, shadow, and colour combinations. Do you really want to shine with your eye shadow then choose a product such as the Jewel effects, Metallic effects, or the Shiny effects.

What eye shadow collour matches my eyes?

With eyeshadow, it is important that you choose a colour that matches both your skin colour and the iris of your eye. If you have brown eyes, warm colours and gold tones are very beautiful. Green eyes shine with natural tones and if you want to let blue eyes speak, choose cool blue or grey tones. Do you want to combine different colours? Then a beautiful eyeshadow palette with various colours is the perfect solution.

Long lasting eyeshadow.

If you want your eyeshadow to last for a long time and the color pop, use the Eye Primer beforehand.

Applying Eyeshadow. What tools the right one?

Eyeshadow is best applied with one of the eyeshadow brushes we have at Make-up Studio Amsterdam. Check out the description to pick the right one. Whether you need it for blending, or to be super precise, there's the perfect tool for everyone!