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Get loose with glittler and pigment eyeshadows!

Whether it’s for a festival or for the holidays, glitter pigments always make for a dramatic look. Despite popular opinion, pigments and loose glitters aren’t only for the eyes, use them as a highlighter for an extra pop of shine, layer them on lipstick or lip gloss for a striking pout, mix them into gel to add pops of colour to hair, dust over décolletage for the perfect finishing touch to any outfit… the uses are endless!

If you have brown eyes, choose a golden glitter eye shadow. The bronze glitter eye shadow looks great with green eyes and the silver glitter eye shadow makes blue eyes expressive. If you still want a more intense look, Make-up Studio also offers glitter eye shadows in the colours blue, pink, purple or green.

Applying glitter eyeshadow; Seal it or 2-way Gel?

Make-up Studio has 2 different products that can be used when applying the glitter eye shadows. You can apply the Seal It with a damp brush. This product helps to fix compact and loose eye powders. The 2-Way Gel is a transparent gel that fixes the glitter on the skin, so that you can apply the glitter beautifully concentrated.