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The perfect mascara for the wow effect!

Give your lashes character. A good mascara improves what you aren’t satisfied with, whether it’s more volume, longer eyelashes or a strong curl, we have the perfect mascara. Each mascara brush has its own unique effect, developed using innovative technologies and enriched with caring ingredients.

What mascara suits me?

Many different mascaras are offered and finding the right one is sometimes difficult. A good mascara improves exactly those things that you are not completely satisfied with. If you want more volume, choose the False lash effect 4D Mascara. This mascara makeup provides an extremely high volume. Do you have volume, but do you want more length? Then choose the Ultimate Length mascara. The Ultimate Curl mascara gives a fantastic curl through the curved brush. The Ultimate Curl in combination with an eyelash curler enhances the curl effect. Check out the before and after images for each product before you make your decision.