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Blusher for a healthy, radiant look.

A little blush on your cheeks can do wonders. Get a healthy flush, or a glowy-shiny effect. Blush, also called rouge, comes out best when base makeup is smooth, and unevenness is perfectly camouflaged. Commonly found in powder or cream. If you suffer from oily skin, cjoose a powdered blush to mattify the skin. If your skin is a bit drier, a cream blush is very suitable.

Here at Make-Up Studio Amsterdam you can even create your very oen blush palette. Pick the palette size and refill pans to get the perfect palette every time! You can even add in eyeshadows.

What colour blush is best for me?

Blusher is available in countless colours. It is therefore often difficult to choose which blush suits you best. The colour blush that fits best depends on your undertone. If you have a warm undertone, earth tones look very beautiful to you. If your skin has a cool undertone, it is best to choose pink shades. Don't worry, we have you covered, you can see exactly what undertone every blush has is the products image! 

Different types of blush

At Make-up Studio Amsterdam, various blushes in many colours and different finishes are available. The Blusher Lumière is a hard-baked powder that does not dust with a subtle shine. The Blush In Box gives a beautiful matte finish. The Cream Blusher is highly pigmented and gives a healthy glow to the face!