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Skin kissed glow or sculpted contour?

Contouring and bronzers are used to shade areas of the face to create the perfect sculpted look, or use where the sun naturally falls on the face to get the perfect sunkissed glow. Make people think you just came back from the Bahammas with one swipe of a bronzer! By working with a variety of dark and light makeup, you shade the face and emphasize areas you want to make noticible or that you dont' want to emphasize at all.

What products do you use for contouring?

Make sure you have a good and rested base before starting contouring. You create an even base with foundation and concealer. For contouring, also called shaping, use dark and light powders or creams. Base the cream vs powder debate on your base. If you are layering the contour over powder, that includes over setting powder... your contour products have to be powder. If your layering straight over creams or fluid foundations, go for liquid/cream contour products. At Make-up Studio you will find complete shaping palettes in light and dark editions so that you have everything at hand to create a beautiful contour. 

Bronzing powder for a sun-kissed effect.

Try a bronzing powder, if you think your skin looks tired or you think that you can use a tan! To shine as if you had a wonderful day enjoying the sun. Hello stunning tanned skin year-round!

Apply bronzing powder with a large powder brush or kabuki brush in the places you would normaly tan first in the sun. Places like the forehead, cheekbones, nose bridge and jawline. Our bronzing powders are available in shiny and matte finishes.