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Camouflage and conceal for smooth skin.

Concealer and camouflage products are the solution to all your skin concerns! Cover everything from red spots to dark circles under the eyes, scars, tattoos and more. It is important that camouflage products are well matched to the skin and undertone for even results. Concealer can also be used for highlighting and shading certain areas of the face. For this choose a shade that is the same undertone but a shade darker or lighter. For example, below the eyes a lighter concealer shade should be used to help brighten.

Hide imperfections.

Camouflage Sticks neutralise blue and red areas of the face, usch as puffiness and redness. The Concealer Box corrects imperfections such as dark circles, acne, age spots, and scars.

Contour with a concealer.

Aside from concealing imperfections, you can also use a concealer to brighten your face in certain areas, or to create shadow. To highlight choose a concealer that is the same undertone but one shade lighter than your usual concealer or foundation. By applying it under the eyes, it visiblly brightens the eyes giving a fresh, healthy look. Perfect for those days you hit snooze one too many times! By applying one shade darker just below the cheekbones you create a shadow, giving the face more definition.

Purchase concelaer.

Did you find the best products for you, and do you want to buy a concealer? Then order it easily from our online store! Place your order today and it will be shipped within two business days. Do you have any questions about our products? Feel free to contact us and one of our fabulous beauty gurus will help you out!