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Foundation for smooth perfect looking skin.

It’s in the name… foundation makeup literally lays a foundation for the rest of your look. Ensure that the skin looks even in colour and texture. Unevenness, redness, and other unwanted spots are covered. Foundation is available in many different forms: liquid, powder, and cream with the perfect shade to match every skin colour and undertone. Check out the markers on every product to see its corresponding undertone.

Different forms of foundation makeup.

Foundation is available in many different forms. Liquid foundation is the most well-known form. But there are also foundations in powder or cream. The different finishes all have their own characteristics (check out the descriptions to learn all about them!). For example, our Face-It cream foundation has a more opaque coverage compared to the other types. You can even choose the finish, matte or glossy, it's all about what makes you comfortable. Foundation is best applied with a foundation brush or a perfect blending sponge.

Foundations in every colour imaginable.

Make-up Studio Amsterdam offers foundations in a large collection of colours, from very light to very dark. A suitable foundation can be found for every skin colour or undertone. The Fluid No Transfer is a liquid foundation that is semi-covering and buildable. Once it adheres to the skin that's it... it isn't going anywhere! This makes it perfect for all day wear and for under a mask. The Face-It Cream Foundation can be applied as either semi-covering or fully-covering.

Make sure you get the perfect shade every time, even if you can't try it out in store with our integrates Match My Makeup widget. Simply tell us your current foundation shade, no matter the brand, and we will tell you what the perfect shade for you is. There's no more risk in buying foundation online!