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Shine baby shine!

Anyone else have a slight addiction to highlighters! Don't worry we do too! Highlighter is used to emphasize areas of the facce you want to make extra noticable. We even use it over eyeshadow for extra sparkle pop!

Highlighter in various edition... the remix!

Highlighters are available in different variants. At Make-up Studio Amsterdam you will find liquid highlighters, powder highlighters, highlighter palettes, and products for strobing. Which edition you choose is often a matter of personal taste. If you have oily skin, you are more likely to choose a powder highlighter. Powder stays better on the skin and mattifies your skin. For dry skin, we recommend a liquid or cream highlighter. Liquid highlighters can also be mixed in with liquid foundations or primer to get the perfect glowy foundation finish.

What colour highlighter do I chose?

Highlighters are available in various colours and shades. The undertone of your skin determines which highlighter colour suits you best. With a cool undertone, it’s better to choose a highlighter with a pink or silver shade. Yellow or gold tones look beautiful on someone with a warm undertone. At Make-up Studio you will find a large collection of highlighters in many colours. Check out the products image to see exactly what undertone every highlighter is!

How do you apply highlighter?

Apply your powder highlighter with your fingers or with a special highlighter brush. You can apply cream or liquid highlighter with your fingers, a make-up sponge or a brush. Apply the product to the peak, or top, of the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose and on the cupids glow. It's as simple as that!