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Powder makeup for an even and matte result. Bye bye oil!

A good setting powder smooths and mattens the skin without being noticeable! It is used to fix base makeup products into place. Do you have oily skin, does your skin shine or do you want your foundation to stay in place all day? The use a setting powder. The secret weapon is every makeup kit!

Compact or loose powder.

There are different types of makeup powders; compact powders and loose powders. Compact powders provide a matte finish, fix foundation, and give a long-lasting result. Loose powder is much lighter and provides a velvety, natural finish. Both powders are suitable for daily use.

How do I choose which makeup powder?

Various compact powders and loose powders are available at Make-up Studio. The Compact Powder 3-in-1 offers three functions in one product. This powder can be used as a compact fixing powder, compact powder makeup and long-lasting foundation. The Natural Silk Perfection and the Translucent Powder Extra Fine are transparent loose powders that provide a natural matte look.