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Fixing spray for a long lasting makeup look.

Use a setting spray, also known as fixing spray, as the last step over your makeup so it lasts in place perfectly, all day long! Spray on a layer and voila, makeup that doesn’t fade, is waterproof and stays in place. Ideal for long days and perfect for parties!

How do I use setting spray?

Hold the bottle 15-30cm away from the face and spray! Make sure the entire face is evenly covered and you're done! You can even spray brushes before using highlighter or eyeshadow to increase the pigmentation of the product. The spray works as a bond to help the pigments adhere to the skin and stay in place.

Two sprays, one choice.

At Make-up Studio Amsterdam you will find 2 different types of fixing sprays, the Fix It and the Make-up Fixer. Each with their own qualities. Have a look at them and make your choice for the best fixer for your own personal use.