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Get the perfect pout with lip products.

The perfect pout is the ideal finishing touch to your makeup look. Using lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner, take an outfit from soft and natural to sexy and dramatic. Use only a clear lippy or overdraw your lips with lipliner before filling them in to create lips everyone will want to kiss! Go for the red lipstick to stand out, or for a nude lipstick if you like subtly colours. Want to go extreme? Go for the black lipstick… we guarantee it will pack a punch!

Make-Up Studio Amsterdam offers a range of different finishes and textures, glitter, gloss, matte or satin, and every shade imaginable to create your best smile. Lip products have been enriched with caring ingredients to keep lips pillowy and soft all day long.

Lip primer of optimum colour results.

Applying lipstick nicely and evenly is sometimes an art. One lipstick grabs your lips better than the other. Do you want to enjoy your lipstick all day long? Then use a lip primer before applying lipstick. The lip primers from Make-up Studio Amsterdam help you to apply your lipstick, give a boost to the colour intensity, and also ensure that the colour fades less quickly

Our lip primers contain nourishing ingredients that not only benefit the colour and smoothness of your lipstick, but also take care of your lips and prevent dehydration.