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Lipstick: Glossy or matte?

These days lipstick comes in many different formulas and finished. Glossy lipsticks have a creamy texture and therefore keep your lips feeling comfortable. The powerful colours of the matte and liquid lipsticks are beyond intense and long-lasting without compromising the soft feeling. With more than 70 colours available, you will find the perfect shade to compliment your features.

From iconic red to classic nude lipstick.

The lipsticks from Make-up Studio Amsterdam are available in more than 70 different colours. There is the perfect colour for everyone's skin colour. Go for the red lipstick to stand out or for light pink lipstick if you like subtle. Do you want extreme? Then go for the black lipstick. To go neutral on the street, Make-up Studio offers beautiful nude shades. The highly pigmented lipsticks with silky texture make your lips irresistible!

Tips for applying lipstick.

You can work very precisely with a lip brush. Use the Make-up Studio lip primer for extra care, longer shelf life and a smooth finish. To get an even tighter result, use a lip liner. This also prevents your lipstick from running into the fine lines next to your lip.